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Gandhi Education Society Kundal's
Anti Ragging Committee

1. Objectives:

To set forth the expectations of conduct and mutual respect in regard to sexual harassment and the process of complaint if these expectations are not met or violated.

To articulate the Organization’s strong opposition to sexual harassment and to identify penalties that can be imposed for such prohibited conduct.

To establish clearly that this Organization is committed to providing a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment in any form.

2. Scope:

This policy is applicable to all employees of the organization. All contract employees; retainers, trainees and temporary employees are also expected to abide by this policy.

3. Obligations of the Organization:

The Organization shall be responsible for

  1. Prohibit, prevent and deter commission of acts of sexual harassment.
  2. Implement the Policy in strict alignment, thus creating a favorable environment.
  3. Spread awareness of the Policy amongst its employees by providing easy access to the policy through publication, notification and circulation of the same.
  4. Sensitizing employees about sexual harassment issues.
  5. Provide fair and impartial procedures for resolution, settlement or prosecution of acts of sexual harassment by taking all necessary steps.
  6. Implementation of recommendations of the Complaints Committee.

4. Complaints Committee:

A Complaints Committee will be set up by the Organization, which will address all cases/ complaints of alleged sexual harassment submitted by the employee(s) to the Organization, to prevent and deal with sexual harassment within the outlined framework. However this Committee would be formed only in case the need arises, after the HR function has talked to both the parties involved (Complainant and Accused) and ensured that the implications of filling a complaint (or not doing so) has been discussed in detail with the committee. It is mandatory that at-least half the members of the Complaints Committee are women and the Complaints Committee is led by a Women member. In case of separation/ death of any of the Complaints Committee member, the designate personnel will cease to be a member of the committee and an alternate member will be appointed for the position thus created.

5. Submission of a Complaint :
  1. An employee making a Complaint (henceforth referred to as “Complainant”) will be provided full confidentiality.
  2. No person against whom a Complaint is made shall be part of the Complaints Committee.
  3. Within three (03) working days of the receipt of the Complaint, the Complaints Committee will convene a meeting of which advance written intimation will be given to the Complainant.
  4. The complainant will be entitled to remain present personally during the meeting.
6. Punishment for Sexual Harassment

The Management can impose the following penalties :

  • Written Warning
  • Withholding of performance based pay awards and bonus
  • Withholding of promotion
  • Termination of service

Further the employee will also be required to give a written apology to the Accused and upon his/her failure to do so, the penalty can be enhanced.

Anti Ragging Committee

Committee Members
1 I/C Prin. Dr. J. A. Patil Chairman
2 Dr. V. R. Mane Coordinator
3 Dr. P. B. Lupane Member
4 Shri. A. A. Shinde Member
5 Mrs. S. B. Lad Member
6 Shri. R. G. Jangam Member
7 Adv. Pravin Lad Member
8 Smt. Sumantai Gaikwad Member

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